Monday Links: Content Strategy vs. Content Marketing

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Quote of the Day

Forming relevant partnerships is an age-old marketing technique that you can put to good use in your content marketing. By partnering up, you can reach new audience members. Partnering doesn’t always require you to find a match within your industry; all you need to share is a target audience. – Mark Sherbin (Content Marketing Institute)

Slide Deck of the Day

Content Marketing Strategy
Jonathan Colman on content strategy vs. content marketing. (SEM PDX)

‘Which form of content marketing gets the best SEO boost?” and 11 other questions asked and answered. (Social Media Today)

Online display ads remain a crucial aspect to a successful marketing campaign and will only continue to become more important as time goes on. Here’s some steps you’ll need to take get good ROI on them. (Bizo)

Search Engine Marketing
Will legitinate search discovery now be ruined by personalized web search? (The Next Web)

An interesting way to use footer links. (Search Engine Watch)

Does your process for building links change according to the size of your company? (distilled)

Google‘s real evil master plan. (Blind Five Year Old)

Social Media
Pinterest‘s traffic continues to rise while Stumbleupon‘s ..err stumbles. (Markeing Land)

Here’s how to share your Vine videos on Google Plus. (Virante Orange Juice)

Magazine publishers will have to adopt more nuanced digital pricing strategies as tablets take off. (paidContent)

Social Networks can keep your old relationships lingering around in your life well past their expiry date. (Aeon)

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Jason Thibault is a writer, artist, eternal student and CEO of Content Marketing Labs. You can also find him on Twitter.

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