Saturday Links: Scraped Content that Ranks High

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Quote of the Day

A site should not be able to auto-post a stub of another story and immediately outrank it in the world’s most popular and powerful search engine — that is a bug. – John Herman (BuzzFeed)

Slide Deck of the Day

Content Marketing Strategy
GE’s strong move into content marketing has yielded postive results. (The Content Strategist)

These days it pays to be an agile marketer. Here’s how to approach your biz blogging with an agile mindset. (HubSpot)

Three industries that have found success with video focused content marketing. (Brafton)

Before creating a bunch of content, nail the proper keywords in order to play to your audience’s wants, likes and interests. (Content Marketing Institute)

Why Content Marketing? Jay Baer Interview [VIDEO]

Search Engine Marketing
Before you run off and build a bazillion links to your site make sure you have these five items in check. (SEO Ultima)

How Unique Does Content Need to Be to Perform Well in Search Engines? [VIDEO]

Social Media
Twitter‘s new streaming service suggests its future may lie in video (

Flickr, myspace and digg are making attempt to become relevant again in 2013 – but will we bite? (Social Media Explorer)

Here’s the things that are holding back Twitter‘s new video service, ‘Vine‘. (Mashable)

5 Kinds of Companies That Facebook’s New Search Engine Could Crush. (WIRED)

Brands are now gamifying their social media marketing in a variety of ways. (ContentEqualsMoney)

Hootsuite is essential to my daily online social media practices. These other 4 tools merit an evaluation as well. (Search Engine Journal)

The Soda Wars: How Coke And Brands Big And Small Are Duking It Out Via Video (Fast Company)

ROI For Brands, The No Bullshit Way. (baekdal)

Jeff always makes things simple for us. Boil things down to the essential in order to impact your business. Something I’m trying to work on. (Jeff Korhan)

Google has demoted the Gmail “Quote selected text.” feature back to Gmail Labs. (The Next Web)

Infographic of the Day

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Jason Thibault is a writer, artist, eternal student and CEO of Content Marketing Labs. You can also find him on Twitter.

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