Thursday Links: Optimizing Your Content for Local Search and New Facebook Conversion Features

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Quote of the Day

With such a range in tactics, content types, and ways to measure effectiveness, it can easily get overwhelming; particularly for B2B marketers just starting out. An important component of successful B2B content marketing (and B2B SEO) is in proper preparation and planning. – Derek Edmond (Search Engine Land)

Slide Deck of the Day

Content Marketing Strategy
Is your audience receptive to the kind of content that you’re producing? (Copyblogger)

Carol is kind enough to let you steal her editorial calendar so you can get your blog back on track. (Web.Search.Social)

Getting onto the front page of Slideshare can bring you a significant amount of traffic. (Traffic Generation Cafe)

How to optimize your content for local search discovery. (SEO Gadget)

Social Media Marketing Fatal Attraction: When Content Earns Your Brand the Wrong Type of Attention. (TopRank)

Companies will be increasing their content marketing spend in 2013 but they’ll be looking for better ways to measure its impact on the intended audience. (contentLEAD)

Social Media
The new Facebook Conversion feature offers multiple conversion types to digital advertisers. (Fathom)

Twitter’s growth and transformation into a media company. (John Battelle)

Social media has moved front and center and its use as a sales tool should not be underestimated. (Hubspot)

YouTube viewers around the globe are now watching at least 4 billion hours worth of the site’s videos per month.” (tubefilter)

If you haven’t built your company page on Facebook and/or LinkedIn this will ease you into it. (KeySplash Creative)

Search Engine Marketing
Here’s 3 great ways to reclaim lost and broken backlinks. (Search Engine Watch)

Your site may be (hopefully) generating traffic through Google image search. Here’s how to make that traffic relevant. (WordStream)

here’s how Google may be devaluing links coming in from infographics. (State of Search)

Link building can help boost your sales across all of your marketing channels, both online and offline. (Koozai)

How to deliver a media interview that kills. (Onboardly)

Videogame developer Atari and these 4 other old-school brands are still in operation! (Mashable)

Your company doesn’t need to have a presence on every social media platform. Focus on one or two to make an impact on your social marketing (plus a dozen other tips). (ContentEqualsMoney)

Social Resume
Courtesy of: Online Colleges

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