Tuesday Links: Branding, branding, more branding and YouTube keywords

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Quote of the Day

Curation has been steadily rising as a concept as the sheer volume of undifferentiated content has made it nearly impossible for mere mortals to find useful, thoughtful, contextual content on the Web. – Steve Rosenbaum (Huffington Post)

Slide Deck of the Day

Content Marketing Strategy
What if publishers started renting content out to brands? (Digiday)

Tech and resources has leveled the playing field for marketers, are you taking advantage? (TopRank)

Creating badass content is one half of the battle. Getting it noticed is a whole other piece of the puzzle. (Marketing Land)

Here’s some great marketing conferences that you might want to attend in 2013. (iAcquire)

Your content could be better – run it through this checklist. (Hubspot)

VH1’s Smart New Branding Takes A Backseat To The Content. (Fast Company)

Top Charts: A Vehicle for Influence Marketing? (WindMill Networking)

There’s a variety of ways in which video will increase customer retention for your business. (Vertical Leap)

You can build your blog into a beautiful and awesome thing. (grow)

Search Engine Marketing
It’s not too late for another ‘SEO Predictions for 2013‘ list is it? (Electric Dialogue)

Why Enterprises Cannot Ignore Deep Link Building. (Search Engine Land)

So how does link-building differ between merchant sites and affiliate sites? (Affilorama)

4 Spreadsheet Tricks in Google Drive You May Not Know About. (SEER)

If you’re going to create content for users (and search engines) you’ll need to get the keywords right. (Content Marketing Institute)

Testing keywords in YouTube is a different beast than Google. (SEOMoz)

Social Media
Pinterest now has a ‘News’ feed. (Mashable)

Google+ is now claiming 343 million active users to make it the 2nd largest social network. (SocialTimes)

Brands are falling short on their digital strategies. (MediaBizBloggers.com)

“There‚Äôs always the risk, however, that a carefully-orchestrated branding strategy will backfire.” (Felix Salmon / Reuters)

Ajaz Ahmed: it’s never too late to pivot and revive a brand. (the guardian)

Here’s some things you need to know about ‘brand advocates‘. (Marketing Profs)

Trey Park and Matt Stone’s empire has persevered through all of these years due to consistently telling stories that their audience wanted to hear. (The New York Times)

HP’s first Chromebook revealed in leaked spec sheet. (The Verge)

Ad Age Picks the Agencies to Watch in 2013. (Ad Age)

Here’s a handy list of the top Google fonts being used on the web. (tallhat Design)

[image: flickr user – Sean MacEntee]

Infographic of the Day

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Jason Thibault is a writer, artist, eternal student and CEO of Content Marketing Labs. You can also find him on Twitter.

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