Wednesday Links: Tweet Embeds Now Easier & Hyper Local Marketing Trends

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Quote of the Day

Publish where your audience is. Whatever outlet you choose – your own blog, a guest blog, a publishing platform – you must be aware of the audience present in that space and choose accordingly. – Susanna Gebauer (Jeff Bullas)

Slide Deck of the Day

Content Marketing Strategy
Transforming your business through the balance of technology and locally unique (human) customer experiences. (Ad Age)
You can turn subscribers into customers by building a conversion funnel using email. (Unbounce)
You can’t afford to slack on your marketing copy. (Hubspot)
Content curation was a powerful tool in helping these brands reach their marketing goals. (Business 2 Community)
Nailing your Pinterest campaign. (State of Search)
This guest blogging guide is pretty mindblowing. (Search Engine Journal)
And if that wasn’t enough this 2nd guide on ADVANCED guest posting will round things out nicely. (SEOmoz)
The good, the bad and the ugly side of guest posting. (Single Grain)
Social Media
Twitter simplifies things with Tweet embeds – “Now, to embed a tweet, you simply click on the “More” button below it and select “Embed Tweet”. (Mashable)
Social media is not going to make or break your business but (not) ‘listening’ might. (Brian Solis)
Rhea digs deep into the online reputations of Forbe’s top 10 earning CEOs (Outspoken Media)
Have you factored these two dozen (+2) items into your social media marketing? (Social Media Examiner)
Social media consulting success- “When I have been asked for a proposal to create a social media marketing strategy for a company, I have won the business 95 percent of the time.” (Mark Schaefer)
Why Self Promotion Isn’t Always a Bad Marketing Approach? (Reviewz n’ Tips)
Search Engine Marketing
With the help of a new and improved Google Analytics, ‘your remarketing has gotten both easier AND far more powerful”. (LunaMetrics)
It might be time for you to start monitoring your competitors sites by using ‘change tracking‘. (distilled)
500 website reviews is a lot. Here’s what Yoast learned from the experience. (Yoast)
If this 6051-word post doesn’t explain everything you need to know about bounce rates, I’m not sure what will. (Dukeo)
Brands must be explicit about their user-generated content policies; see Instagram for a prime example.  (The Guardian)
Companies that took the bold initiative to publish ‘branded content‘ themselves are seeing the rewards (iMedia Connection)
Google’s Larry Page thinks Facebook is doing a poor job & Apple’s ‘limited’ range of products is unsatisfying. (PSFK)
Keep your Blu-rays and DVDs, Hollywood – I’ve gone digital (CNET)
John Hodgman’s advice for writers on facing the competition, procrastination and persistence. (Open Culture)
Thieves rob Microsoft’s office and only take iPads. (readwrite mobile)
Today’s Instructographic courtesy of Portent

How to Write an Effective Outreach Email

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